hohkeppel (hohkeppel) wrote,

I can´t believe I´m here. How long will it last? Who knows. I am not a blogger by nature, not consistent enough, not creative enough, not anything enough. Besides, I can not choose between two languages (English? Russian?) and German is starting to get in the way, too. So maybe I´ll post some pictures. Maybe I´ll put here some old stuff scattered around in the laptop. Maybe I´ll forget I have the blog. Who knows? here is the sketch I made today, based on my own old photo. A band of street musicians in Prague. They were Sunday regulars on the Charles Bridge when I was living there - in Prague, I mean, not under the bridge. 1999 - 2001, my Prague time. The sketch is supposed to be the first in the series, let´s see how far I´ll go with this.


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